Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin takes revenge from Kavita Kaushik; Eijaz Khan joins in too

During a revengeful task, Jasmin Bhasin and Eijaz Khan take revenge from Kavita Kaushik.

During a Weekend Ka Vaar task, entertainment queen Ekta Kapoor introduces a new task to the contestants. In the task, the contestants have to take revenge from whichever contestant that they wish to. Ekta asks the contestants to pick the ‘badle ka hath’ (the hand of revenge) and put foam on the contestant who they want to take ‘badla’ (revenge) from.

However, after Kavita‘s turn of badla, Jasmin too came forward to nominate her and said, “Unke prati jo concern tha, jo affection tha, usko bohot hi gande shabdo me express kiya. Jo gandigi unhone bahar nikali aur mera dil dukhaya, uske liye mai badla lena chahungi.” (The concern and affection that I had for you, was expressed in the most disgraceful way. I want to take revenge for the way you have broken my heart.)


Later, Eijaz too joined in and said, “Kal inke hi mooh se nikal gaya, jo pehle hafte merese jo paap ho gaya tha na, woh ab dhul gaya.” (Yesterday it slipped from her mouth that the sin that she had done in the first week, was a mistake on her end )He added, “Yeh lijiye Kavita ji, ab apna hisab chukhta”( Kavita, now we are equal) and put a handful of foam on her face.

Things got pretty serious between the contestants and Kavita Kaushik.