Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin slams Rubina Dilaik during HUGE fight, ‘Chalaki Vale khel kisi aur ke sath khelna’

Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik fight take an ugly turn during the captaincy task. Rubina calls Jasmin arguments ‘baseless’

In the latest Bigg Boss episode, there has been a drastic change in Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik‘s friendship. There have been a lot of disagreements between both of them. Rubina had a major fight with Jasmin over Nikki Tamboli in the bedroom area. During the fight, both call each other names while Rubina accuses Jasmin of portraying them as devils. Jasmin stated Rubina has the habit of playing with words and showing others in a bad light.

The disagreements between Jasmin and Rubina seems to be unstoppable. In the recent promo, Jasmin tells Rubina, “Samjh gayi ki aap ka asli roop kya hai, chalaki vale khel kisi aur ke saath rehna.” Rubina, while she leaves tells Jasmin that she should talk on her face and not behind her back. After seeing Rubina-Jasmin’s argument, Abhinav Shukla tells the housemates, “Task gaya tel lena, I’m just put off yaar.”


Later, in the captaincy task, Kavita will be introducing the new area, the bathroom in the batwara task. Rubina put a point forward that in the luggage room, Nikki shows her aggression on the Bigg Boss containers by kicking them. Kavita dismisses her point that this debate is about the bathroom.

Rubina yells and says why they weren’t allowed to use the luggage room. Jasmin counters Rubina’s point and says that the discipline of the luggage room was first broken by Rubina and Abhinav.

Later in the promo, Rubina says Team Jasmin does not have the power to stop the opposite team members from using the room. Bhasin counters Rubina’s comment and says, “Agar mein personal cheezo pe aaungi na, bohot saari gandi cheeze bahar aayengi jo national television pe nahi bolti aachi nahi lagegi. Rubina says, “Tumko competition mein jitna hai toh, tum jaau personal space mein.”

Rubina and Jasmin argue back and forth. Jasmin says that she should twist everything. Rubina says that Jasmin’s argument is ‘baseless’. Rubina ends the debate. What turns Rubina and Jasmin’s friendship would take? Stay tuned to find out!