Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin shares her childhood tales of Christmas

Jasmin Bhasin tells her in-house friends how the Christmas time of the year has always been special for her and her family.

It’s Christmas week and there’s a tint of nostalgic memories in the air for the contestants. Jasmin Bhasin is seen talking about her love for the festival. She starts the conversation with how Christmas is such a happy time. To which Nikki Tamboli replies that New Year is the happy time for her. Jasmin tells Nikki that she loves Christmas over New Year. Jasmin reminiscences her childhood days when Santa Claus used to visit her school during Christmas. She also talks about a restaurant in her home city, Kota, where a Santa Claus used to sit every Christmas.

Jasmin talks about how beautiful the streets used to look during Christmas, with all the lights and essence of the festival. She shares a tale of her childhood when every child used to believe that, if they kept a sock under the pillow on Christmas day, a gift would be left there in the morning by the Santa. Jasmin says that she believed in it and used to happily sleep at night in the hopes of a gift, which she used to find in the morning, which she realized sometime later was given by her parents.


Abhinav Shukla talks about his family being the Santa, as they left gifts for him. To which Jasmin Bhasin adds, “As an adult if you believe in Santa, people call you a fool. So, it is better to be a child, at least you won’t be blamed.”