Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin says, ‘Bas mujphe dhyaan de’ to Aly Goni as she admits of being jealous

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 14, Jasmin Bhasin admits of being jealous about Aly Goni talking to other girls in the house.

Bigg Boss 14 has been making a lot of noise with all the controversies, fights and arguments brewing amongst the housemates as the show progresses. With the entry of wild card entries, Aly Goni in the latest, the fanbase of the show has been happier than ever. Aly Goni entered the house on 4th November and he is also rumoured to be Jasmin Bhasin‘s rumoured boyfriend, who has been in the show since the starting. There have been moments were Jasmin has let jealousy and possessiveness take over her as Aly talks to other girls in the house. However, in the latest episode, we saw Jasmin admitting of being jealous as she tells Aly, “Sirf mujpe dhyaan de.”

In the latest episode, Aly was finally given permission to step out of the separated room where he was quarantined for 14 days since he came. Afterwards, we saw him giving Jasmin an oil massage. Rahul Vaidya saw them being so happy with each other and expressed his wish of having such a bond with someone in the house. Nikki Tamboli, who was sitting next to him, started crying saying that she thought they shared such a bond.


Nevertheless, Jasmin then takes Aly to the Bigg Boss Mall where she admits to him of being jealous of his closeness to other people, especially girls in the house. She further says that he should give his attention to none of the other girls except for her. She says, “Tu zyada ladkiyon par dhyaan mat de, bas mujhpe hi de. Yeh sab bahar karna.”