Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin misses her parents terribly

The contestants are away from their families because of the show. Jasmin Bhasin is in a conversation with Rahul Vaidya where she reveals that she is missing her parents terribly.

Jasmin tells Rahul that once she is out of the Bigg Boss house, she wants to buy a new house in Mumbai and then she wants to call her parents and grandmother to stay with her in Mumbai. Jasmin stresses that her parents are old and she wants them to stay with her. Rahul promises to help Jasmin.


Jasmin says that,” I honestly don’t want my parents to stay away from me, I feel like calling them here”. To this Rahul replies that,” Do one thing, if you want to call them here urgently for a year, I’ll manage their stay and everything.

Rahul also shares some tricks for buying a new house. He says,” let your parents stay here on rent until your new house is under construction”. He adds that,” buy a house which is under construction as it’ll cost you a little less”.
Jasmin agrees to him.

Rahul assures Jasmin about buying a new house. He also says that he has seen Jasmin’s parents in a photo. Jasmin is surprised to hear that.