Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin is worried about the Challengers entering the house

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Jasmin Bhasin worries about the new addition to the house.

Bigg Boss 14 is full of unexpected twists and turns. A recent Extra Masala clip we see that the contestants are wary of the new challenges they are set to face. The makers of the show recently announced that former contestants of the show will be entering the house as Challengers. Vikas Gupta, Manu Punjabi, Kashmera Shah, Rakhi Sawant are few of the people who will enter the show.  The Extra Masala clip shows Jasmin Bhasin worried about the entrance of the Challengers.

In the clip, Jasmin is seen pointing out her worries to Abhinav Shukla. She asks him, “Yeh jo log aayenge woh duty karenge ghar ki?” Abhinav reassures her that they have work because they will be living in the house. He says that they must be used to it as they have done it in their seasons too. Jasmin tells Abhinav, “Bade purane purane season ke log hai.


Her next worry is about how she would have to understand these people. The Naagin actress says that she took a lot of time to understand her equations with Bigg Boss 14’s evicted contestants. Now to understand how the challengers, will be a difficult task says the actress. She says, “Unke saath aate hi relationship kaise form hoga. Kya karungi mein.” She worries what would be her basis for nominating someone. Abhinav again reassures her saying that everything would work out well. He adds that the Challengers are already strongly opinionated before entering the house. Jasmin says that Vikas Gupta and Manu Punjabi are avid fans of the show.

As Jasmin is replying, Rubina is seen walking into the garden area. Jasmin walks off upon her entry but not before letting Abhinav know about her frustration on the new additions to the house.