Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin is head over heels for Aly Goni, says ‘he taught me how to prioritise myself’

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, Jasmin Bhasin revealed her feelings for Aly Goni in a candid chat with Kavita Kaushik.

We came across a serene scene in the usually chaotic house of Bigg Boss 14 when contestants Jasmin Bhasin and Kavita Kaushik sat down for a leisurely chat. Both sat across on a sofa, sipping their drinks and discussing Jasmin’s friendship with Aly Goni.

Kavita inquires about when Jasmin and Aly met first. Jasmin reminisces that they met almost two and a half years ago on the sets of Khatron ke Khiladi in Argentina. Further opening up about her feelings for Aly, Jasmin says, “He fills that blank in my life. Woh ek friend ka, dost ka, protection ka, guide ka, har cheez ka. Happiness waala jo major blank hota hai, jo maine hamesha feel kiya hai, woh. (He plays the role of a friend, protector, guide, everything in my life. He brings major happiness in my life.)”


Jasmin then shares all the changes that Aly has brought into her life. She says, “Aur jab se main isse mili hu, tabse ab tak mein mere andar kaafi positive changes aaye hai. Bahot ache ache, regards to personality, being strong, apne aap ko importance dena (Since I have met him, there have been multiple positive changes in me. Very good changes in regards to personality; he taught me how to be strong and prioritise myself.)” Meanwhile, Kavita listens to Jasmin, nods, and smiles, being happy for her friend.