Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin asks Aly Goni to stay in his limits

Rumored couple Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni try to resolve a tiff among themselves, when Jasmin asks Aly to stay in his limits.

Jasmin Bhasin, known for her bubbly and credulous attitude is admired by most of the contestants. Which in fact is a rare sight to witness, especially inside the Bigg Boss house. However, after a few weeks of her entry, her rumored beau Aly Goni too made an entry inside the BB house. Initially, the two were mushy and got emotional on seeing each other across the glass doors and the only possible way of communication between them was a telephone, placed on both sides of the glass door.

Surprisingly, in an Extra Masala video, the two were caught having an unpleasant rift among themselves. It started when Jasmin asked the ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ actor to be in his limits as his jokes could mislead the audience into believing something which is not true. To which Aly became emotional and said, “Tujhe dar is baat ka hai? pehle bhi . bahar bhi aur abhi bhi. Mai kisi ladki ko bula k idhar hi engagement kar leta hoon. Fir tu safe feel karegi? (Why are you so scared, always? Earlier, outside this house as well, and now here! Should I call a girl here and get engaged? Will you feel safer then?)”


On realizing the gravity of the situation, Jasmin expressed that she was just trying to share her feelings with him. Aly then added, “You are that girl, in my life…You know you are the only one I have with whom I can share things. You are a girl who has 2-3 people in her life, who will be there with you, if I am not around. But you know I only have you, if you are not around, I do not have anyone to share my feelings with”. On seeing Aly getting emotional, Jasmin eventually agreed that there wasn’t anything that was going out of line and that they are going to continue being great friends.