Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin accuses Eijaz Khan of creating problem, Aly Goni steps in

In a conversation, Jasmin Bhasin tells Aly Goni that Eijaz Khan is purposely trying to create problems.

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, the atmosphere and the equations between the housemates change every day with each new task and argument. With the entry of Aly Goni as the wild card entry, major discussions have happened between him and the contestants.

In yesterday’s episode (7th November), one such conversation happened between Aly Goni and his rumoured girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin who were seen discussing the senior actor Eijaz Khan.


Aly questioned Jasmin about why Eijaz felt that she had disrespected and dishonoured him. He asked her if she ever said any such thing in anger that must have felt derogatory to Eijaz.

In her defence, the actress explained, “Maine unki kabhi beizzatti nahi kari.” She further added that as Eijaz told Jaan Kumar Sanu that he sits with only one person and has the same respect for her too.

Jasmin said, “Bas unko create karna hai issue mere sath isliye wo kar rahe hain. Mai wo create hone nahi dungi, day one se hone nahi diya hai because I respect him.”

Aly explained to Jasmin that the situation between her and Eijaz does not make quite sense since what Eijaz said is point less and she isn’t rude. He assured Jasmin that he would sort this issue out the next day. He also pointed out that Eijaz doesn’t listen to anyone so he doesn’t know what to do. He said, “Unka problem ek hi hai ki wo kisi ki sunte nahi hai, par meri sunenge.”

In a previous episode of 6th November, Aly told Jasmin to never disrespect Eijaz, who is a senior actor. He also made her promise about the same. He told her, “Do whatever you want but never disrespect him. You can slap me also during a task, but don’t disrespect him. Sometime when he is sitting alone, just go and tell him that you are sorry if you have ever spoken anything ill about him.”