Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu has an emotional breakdown, calls Eijaz Khan ‘Fake brother’

In the recent promo, Jaan Kumar Sanu has an emotional breakdown during the captaincy task and calls Eijaz Khan ‘fake brother’.

This week in the Bigg Boss house is full of twist and turns. Everyday there a new argument, drama and fights. In the last captaincy task, both Rubina Dilaik and Rahul Vaidya couldn’t reach to unanimous decision that led to task being canceled. But in the recent promo, Bigg Boss will be giving second chance to contestants for the captaincy task.


However, the chance for captaincy is given to previous 4 captains. Aly Goni, Jasmin Bhasin, Eijaz Khan, and Kavita Kaushik will seen particpating in the task. During the task, the captaincy contenders have to stay in the box, whoever stays the longer wins the captaincy task and becomes the new captain of the house. We will see, Pavitra Punia playing for Eijaz Khan.
Rahul Vaidya will be the “sanchalak”. We see Rahul participating in the task, spraying foam in Eijaz’s box. However, fight erupts between Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan as the latter blames Rahul for being biased sanchalak. Rahul adds that he can support anyone he wants.
Further in the clip, we will see Aly Goni already out of the captaincy task and says, ”Ab aau karo mere face ko pareshaan, ab mein sabko bahar nikalta hu”. Jaan Kumar Sanu will also be seen throwing cooking oil in Kavita Kaushik’s box. To which Nikki Tamboli interjects and tells him not to do it.
Further, even Rubina Dilaik is seen telling Jaan to relax for few minutes. But the latter argues with her and says, ”aap mereko kyu bol rahe ho, mujhe nahi pasand hai voh(referring to Kavita), mereko nahi chayey voh captain”. Jaan, later tells Rubina that in the last captaincy task, he did not destroy a ny hearts but this time he has chance and will do everything he can.
Later in the clip, Rahul asks Jaan about Eijaz’s preferences. Jaan adds that for him Eijaz was his first preference. Further, Jaan has an emotional breakdown and says that whenever someone tries to change the other brings that person down. Jaan mentions only Aly has taken stand for him and the person he wanted never took stand for him. At the end of clip, Jaan calls Eijaz ‘a fake brother’ to him. What will happen to their friendship ?