Bigg Boss 14: Jaan Kumar Sanu calls Kavita Kaushik ‘fake’

Kavita Kaushik, returned to the BB house as a wild card entrant for the second time and is involved in tiffs with the contestants of the house

Bigg Boss 14: Ab scene paltega, is all about the unplanned and unexpected twists that come in the show. Similarly, few weeks back Kavita Kaushik made an entry in the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant. This entry wasn’t expected by anyone and just when we thought that things wouldn’t change, she was removed from the house on the basis of audiences votes. Well, weeks after her eviction she was again asked to enter the show.

In Monday’s episode, the show opened with Kavita Kaushik arguing with Jaan Kumar Sanu, who in the heat of the argument said that she was ‘fake’. This did not go down well with Kavita and she took it personally. In her defense she said that he is just a ‘suck-up’ inside the BB house. However, she even went on to claim that everyone in the house is plotting against her in their groups, in an attempt to remove her from the house.


Aly Goni, being the present captain of the house stated that it was all in her mind and none of it is true. In fact she is the one who goes on back biting behind everyone’s back with Nikki Tamboli. Jaan, who was also present there agreed with Aly. He even went on to say that the only reason behind Kavita getting all the limelight is because of her constant spat with Eijaz Khan. Without which she would have become a part of the crowd by now.

Kavita was astonished to hear something like this, coming from Aly. Later she went to Jasmin Bhasin and broke down in front of her, regretting her decision to enter the BB house. Then the latter half of the episode went on with Kavita and Aly back biting with different groups about each other.