Bigg Boss 14: Housemates mock Kavita Kaushik’s long speech, run away from the house

In a recent promo for the upcoming episode, contestants mock Kavita Kaushik’s long speech

We have seen the Bigg Boss 14 contestants make fun of each other and imitate each other. In a recent promo for tonight’s episode shared by the Bigg Boss official Twitter account, we see the contestants have fun as they mock Kavita Kaushik‘s speech.

The funny promo video begins with Kavita explaining to Bigg Boss her nomination this week. She starts with ‘Namaste Bigg Boss’ and we see Aly Goni say ‘Namaste beta kaise ho’ in reply. This joke by Aly sends everyone into fits of laughter. Kavita nominates Aly and explains her decision to Bigg Boss. While she explains, in the living room we see a confused Aly and Rubina Dilaik. The scene cuts to Rahul Vaidya who says he is done with the explanation given. Eijaz Khan, Kavita Kaushik’s rival in the house, also looks done with the actress’ explanation.


In her lengthy explanation, Kavita calls Jasmin Bhasin Aly’s ‘Mahila Mitra’ which sends Rubina and Jasmin laughing. Kavita then switches to pure Hindi which shocks Rubina and sends others laughing. Halfway through her explanation, Rubina runs away saying, “Meri daal jal gayi. Yeh nahi sunn na hai merko.” Aly then shouts and says that everyone is bored and asks someone to switch off the TV. He also tells the others that Kavita is a ‘danger.’

Then Kavita says that she respects the show which makes everyone get up from their seats and laugh. As her lengthy explanation doesn’t seem to end, Rahul is heard saying, “Kavita bas kare.” Soon after everyone except Eijaz and Nikki Tamboli is seen running away from the house.

The video ends with Nikki telling Kavita that everyone ran away hearing her speech.

Watch the promo here: