Bigg Boss 14: Housemates lash out at Vikas Gupta for his captaincy.

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli picks on Vikas Gupta and questions him for sleeping during the day despite being the captain.

In Bigg Boss 14, captaincy is an important aspect, as a contestant earns an immunity and further gets the responsibility of the whole house. Last week, Vikas Gupta was made the new captain by Arshi Khan, but he has violated the house rules by sleeping. In the recent Extra Masala clip, Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, and Nikki Tamboli pick on Vikas and question him for sleeping during the day despite being the captain.

In the clip, Nikki argues that Vikas is harassed by the housemates in every season as they harass him by pulling his blankets and bedsheets. She adds that his captaincy has always been the worst. Jasmin tells him that he should do something new this season. Nikki says that she is bored with those same things and wants to see something new from him. Nikki says that she has seen memes made on Vikas’s captaincy.


Vikas replies that a person never changes. Jasmin argues that why do people only target him and not others. Vikas says, “Mujhe lagta hai ki insaan hi aisa kar raha hai, kyu na tum log alag ho kar mujhe batao iss baar, bohot pyaar do, kitna aacha hoga na mein phatunga, aur mein na aisa rahunga.”

Further, Aly comments if that person is sleeping, then how would they respect him. He adds that because of him, the other housemates’ sleep is getting disturbed. Vikas says, “Aacha !! Tum sab ko kitna aacha lag raha hai mujhpe ek saath chad ke, aur yeh chadna bhi nahi bol sakte.”