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Bigg Boss 14 House revealed: Here’s how COVID-19 changed the show, peek inside the house!

Bigg Boss 14 will air its premier episode on 3rd October at 9 PM. Let’s sneak peek inside the new house of and know it all before others.

The premiere of Bigg Boss season 14 will be aired on 3rd October 2020 but, let’s sneak peek inside Bigg Boss 14 house before others. The shooting of premiere episode has already begun with previous season winners such as Sidharth Shukla (BB 13) and Gauahar Khan (BB 7), it will also feature the famous actress Hina Khan (BB 11 runner-up). Bigg Boss House is once again designed by the filmmaker and designer Omung Kumar but, he has designed it quite differently this time keeping in mind the mandatory safety regulations and social distancing amidst the COVID-19.

Omung Kumar shared the designing and the visualization process of the new house in a press release. He said, “Two and a half months back when I and Vanita Omung Kumar, Production Designer started visualising the design of the house, we ideated on the theme of the show and we agreed on keeping it futuristic as we all were looking at moving ahead from the current scenario. We also made sure to make available all the things that people missed during lockdown for our contestants. Hence, there is a mall, a movie theatre, and a spa.”

He pointed out that the living areas will be different for this season, “The futuristic theme also lends us a chance to enhance a lot of design qualities in the house. There is a mix of funky bright colors and metallic hues blended in a way that stands out. We have several elements like giant metallic dogs guarding the house. The automatic entrance is in the shape of an eye. There are also no straight lines, and we have used a lot of curves on each surface. Right from the entrance to different zones in the house, to the dining area, the sleeping area, and even the confession room; each part of the house area is unique and explores our theme in a better way.”

Now, let’s enter into the brand new house of Bigg Boss 14

The Entrance

Bigg Boss 14 House Revealed: Here's how COVID-19 changed the show, peek inside the house! Bigg Boss 14 House Revealed: Here's how COVID-19 changed the show, peek inside the house!

Guarded by two metallic dogs, the entrance of the main house is cut out from the iconic eye of Bigg Boss. The phrase ‘FUTURE IS HERE’ can be seen on the top of the door, from inside the house.


The Dining Area

This is the first area you’ll encounter after entering the house. It has a total of four small tables, combined to make two long ones. The kitchen counter is designed like a wave with some bar stool at one curve and an integrated low height sitting at another. The kitchen area has abundant fancy elements and design avoiding any cliche look.


Living area

The living area has a long semi-circular sofa to accommodate all the members at distance. Spread across the house from the entrance to the dining area, the living area has enough cosy spots for gossips.



The bedroom seems to be filled with almost every shade of bright colours and an L shaped sofa in front of the beds for late-night gossips. It also has a huge mirror in the shape of Bigg Boss’ eye and glass tables next to the bed to keep their belongings.

Captain’s Room

The perks of this room will be enjoyed by the person who gets elected as the captain of the house.



With an underwater theme, the entrance passage of the bathroom has a wavy ceiling, with lights running from one side to another. Inside there’s a cage shaped bamboo seating for never-ending conversations and conspiracies. The decor included props such as robotic head, arms and legs and seaweeds like hangings combining nature and future.


Confession Room

Next to the bathroom’s entrance is the fabulous confession room with two metallic horse heads welcoming at the entrance. The inside view is confession room is entirely new just like the rest of the house and has a round golden seating.


Pool, spa theatre and mall

Bigg Boss 14 house will have luxury facilities for contestants such as an in-house spa, a BB Mall and spaceship theatre where they can have their endless drama.


You will get to see the drama loaded episodes of Bigg Boss season 14 at 10:30 PM from Monday to Friday and will enjoy whole week’s analysis with Salman Khan at 9 PM on weekends.