Bigg Boss 14: Hina Khan feels guilty for spilling coffee on Rahul Vaidya's bed, Sidharth Shukla and Eijaz Khan enjoy the scene | Business Upturn

Bigg Boss 14: Hina Khan feels guilty for spilling coffee on Rahul Vaidya’s bed, Sidharth Shukla and Eijaz Khan enjoy the scene

In a latest Bigg Boss Extra Masala video, Hina Khan spills her coffee on Rahul Vaidya’s bed and is seen panicking over the same.


The contestants who get locked inside the Bigg Boss 14 house generally have a limited access to luxuries and food items. The housemates are expected to clean the house and distribute the daily duties for a better functioning of the house. Contestants also have to take care of hygiene and keep their respected beds and surroundings clean and tidy. But what happens when after cleaning the entire bed neatly, someone drops a cup of coffee on it?

In a recent Bigg Boss Extra Masala video senior Hina Khan spills her coffee on contestant Rahul Vaidya‘s bed which was of course by mistake. As soon as the incident takes place, the senior starts panicking and tries to clean it up. Meanwhile contestant Eijaz Khan and senior Sidharth Shukla start to hoot and laugh at Hina’s mistake, but Gauahar Khan instantly comes to help Hina and they quickly change the entire bedsheet.

Sidharth can be seen telling them to upturn the mattress and not panic, but the two ladies continue to clean it and they use Rahul’s blow dryer to get the mattress dry. Hina blames it on Sidharth for the mistake and says, “ku***e teri wajah se hua hai ye” (all of this has happened because of you). While Gauhar and Hina are trying to clean the mattress, Rahul is not in the bedroom and Hina says that she is very guilty for her act.
The senior can be heard saying, “yaar I’m very guilty, main usse apni bedsheet de dungi” (I’m very guilty, I’ll give him my bedsheet).


However later, Hina demands for a new bedsheet for herself from Bigg Boss. Hina Khan’s look was quite interesting in the entire video as she has tied a scarf around her neck to which Gauahar takes a dig at her saying “tum jo gunda lagg rahi ho na ye bandh kr gale mein” (you look like a Don by tieing that scarf around your neck ).

While they were having this playful conversation, Rahul enters the bedroom and as soon as he enters, Eijaz and Sidharth once again start to hooting his name. On seeing Rahul, Hina shows a timid behaviour and says that she’ll give her bedsheet to him. But Rahul seems to be very cool, totally in contrast to the expectation of the guilty senior, Hina. Meanwhile Sidharth seems to be enjoying the scene as he constantly makes fun of Hina and Rahul.