Bigg Boss 14: Friendship is growing between Rahul Mahajan and Arshi Khan, Rahul asks her to teach him Urdu

Most of the people have a desire to learn different languages. Recently, in a Extra Masala clip Rahul Vaidya is seen expressing his desire to learn Urdu language. He asks Arshi Khan to help him.

The clip begins with a conversation between Arshi Khan and Rahul Mahajan. Rahul asks her to teach him Urdu as it is a beautiful language. She agrees to teaching him. He also wants to know how to clean his voice, he finds it to be heavy and fumble’s once in a while with words.

He also wants to learn cooking from her, which again she agrees to. We all know Arshi is a fine cook from last season and she proudly says that she taught Vikash Gupta how to cook in the last season and she can do it again with Rahul. She says she’ll teach him the basics like Dal and Sabzi.


Looks like Rahul was controlling his pee for a long time and couldn’t anymore so runs for the bathroom and Arshi blocks his way.