Bigg Boss 14 fights: Now Eijaz Khan vs Sidharth Shukla, contestant bashes housemates too

Eijaz Khan who is mostly seen quietly performing house duties, has now lost his temper in a task.

The most loved reality show of Indian television Bigg Boss, has added on the difficulties for the contestants locked in the house this season, as the most challenging part for the housemates is to impress the ‘seniors’ who are the rule makers in the house. Ex-contestants Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan are in the Bigg Boss house for the first two weeks, adding the ‘tadka’ to the show. In a recent promo, Sidharth is seen getting into a shouting match with Gauahar over a task. Not only this, the senior gets into a war of words with television ‘hottie’ Eijaz Khan.

Past three days, Eijaz who was seen quietly working in the house has now lost his temper, as seen in the recent promo of the show. The video starts with seniors Sidharth and Gauahar having a face-off in a task which turns into a fight. While, Eijaz can be seen standing up with Gauahar, he gets into a chaotic situation with Sidharth where both can be seen equally angered.


The video further shows Eijaz talking out loud to the housemates regarding cleaning their own vessels. The actor looks quite irritated as he is very particular about cleanliness and hygiene.
It will be interesting to see Eijaz keep forward his this side in front of the viewers of the show.

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