Bigg Boss 14: Fans bash the show for saving “nepo kid” after Shehzad Deol gets eliminated

Shehzad Doel has been evicted from the house after the housemates voted against him. However fans of the show have called out for practising ‘Nepotism’.

Bigg Boss 14 has completed two weeks of supplying a daily dose of entertainment. The participants have realised that the competition has begun as Sara Gurpal was evicted from the show after the very first week. The Toofani Seniors- Sidharth Shukla, Gauahar Khan and Hina Khan chose to eliminate Sara Gurpal, which left the whole fanbase of the show in a shock. However, the fans of Bigg Boss 14 are now thrashing the show for saving Jaan Kumar Sanu as Shehzad Deol gets eliminated from the show after the second week.

In the second Weekend Ka Vaar, the host Salman Khan asked the housemates to chose amongst the bottom three- Jaan Kumar Sanu, Abhinav Shukla and Shehzad Deol, who they do not want in the house of Bigg Boss. The votes for Shehzad were higher than the others and he was finally chosen to be eliminated by the Seniors. However, Salman revealed that there would not be any eviction in this week therefore, Shehzad was told that he would not be participating in any decision-making process of the house and was also given the tag of “invisible” participant of the house and was declared as a non-confirmed contestant of the house, soon after which, he was evicted from the show.


This incident made the fanbase of the show stirrup with anger against the show and they took to Twitter to write against the show and the unfair practice and treatment to the participants. One of the fans of BB 14 wrote, “#ShehzadDeol gave TRPs last week! But last 2 days makers didn show him AT ALL! All focus was on the very irrelevant nepo kid Jaan! This is how the makers MANIPULATE the show! They did last year wt stupidity like SidNaaz gazing at the moon fr HALF HOUR! This is manipulation #BB14” whereas some other fan wrote, “SHEHZAD DEOL was a good guy yar He was crying yesterday, He had performed well in all tasks. Besides tasks, he couldn’t mix up with HMs but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t capable for BB. BB makers stop favouring Nepo Kid JAAN. Why not going according to Public votes, ARE WE FOOL 1/2”

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The fans blamed the show for not going by the votes of the audience and also slammed the makers for practising nepotism by saving Jaan Kumar Sanu, the son of famous Bollywood singer, Kumar Sanu. Fans also said that Shehzad was much more deserving to stay in the house rather than Jaan. One of the fans wrote, “The decision was unfair! #JaanKumarSanu didn’t deserves to be in the house! Whereas @DeolShehzad played with dignity! What are audience for if the contestants decide among themselves who will stay and who will go! @BeingSalmanKhan @BiggBoss supports #Nepotism #PublicWantShehzad” and one fan wrote, “@ColorsTV No need to get any wildcards in if you wanna do nepotism, just give the trophy to #JaanKumarSanu or any of your Bahu’s. Seriously how could you even play this dirty game with #ShehzadDeol #BB14 #BiggBoss14”

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