Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan warns Arshi Khan, also calls her a “BI**H”

In a recent Extra Masala clip Arshi Khan is seen taunting Eijaz Khan for his unusual behavior. Later, Eijaz Khan warns her that there will be repercussions for her actions.

Nowadays, a lot of chaos is seen in Bigg Boss 14 house. We all are evident of the wars going on, and due to this many friendships have broken.

The clip starts with Arshi Khan telling that Rahul Mahajan is happy to befriend her. Rahul Mahajan taunts her saying, “Who, me? What have you given to me?” Arshi laughs. Sonali Phogat agreed with Arshi and says Rahul Mahajan seems happy after befriend with you.


Arshi fingers at Eijaz Khan and taunts him saying, “Kuch purane dost hai jo baat hi nahi kar rahe, baith hi nahi rahe” to which Eijaz mocks her and asks, is he’s 24 Hrs news network?.

Arshi continuously taunting him amd says, “dur dur bhag rahe, Rakhi sawant ke baaton me aa gaye hai, baat hi nahi kar rahe bematlab me.”

Eijaz gets annoyed with her and warns her “Don’t even say it by mistake,” Arshi hits back and says this is the truth. She says, “wakt batata hai kaun kiska kitna accha dost hai.”

Eijaz gets irritated by her words and says “It’s is not funny.”

Then, Sonali Phogat tries to calm the environment saying that everyone has different perceptions. She also tells that Eijaz looks angry all the time, to which Eijaz says that he even loves too much.

Sonali explains that Eijaz seems soft from inside but harsh from outside to which Arshi says that this man has no soft corner referring to Eijaz.

Sonali tells that Arshi looks different from outside. Eijaz taunts she looks like a “BITCH”. Sonali reveals that she likes Arshi to which Arshi thanks her and says she is naughty from inside.

Arshi shares with Sonali that, “jo mere saath bura krega main uski aarti thodi utarungi” “I will do the same to what people do with me” Arshi added.

She also says that she knows Aly and Rahul Vaidya is upset with her as they think that she cheated on them, but there was some reason which she made them understand further.