Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan, the ‘worst’ captain? Housemates criticise his captaincy

Housemates turn against Eijaz Khan as he is accused of being ‘two-faced.’

There is no Bigg Boss without fights. More so when the captains try to initiate their own mode of discipline. Colors TV took to their social media to release a promo. There we get to see captain Eijaz Khan getting bashed by the housemates as he tries to punish Naina Singh.

The promo is captioned as, “@KhanEijaz ki captaincy mein, unke aur #NainaSingh ke beech chidi behas! Kaun saabit hoga sahi aur kaun galat?” There, we can see Rahul Vaidya and Shardul Pandit making the discovery that someone had green tea but did not wash the cup.  Cat’s out of the bag when it is understood that Jaan shared his luxury item with Naina Singh. Eijaz then gets him and Naina in the same room to hold them accountable. The actor, out of nowhere, tells Naina that he will take her cigarettes away in order to ‘punish’ her. This angers her and she declares she won’t cook food for them.


Eijaz Khan immediately starts getting heat from the other members. As Naina doesn’t cook food, other members are forced by him to do so. Nikki then turns against him and terms him as a ‘bad friend’ as he is making others work instead of taking responsibility and doing the right thing. Rahul Vaidya also reminds him that the whole issue can get over in a minute if he just lets go of his ego. Naina tells him that only Bigg Boss has the right to punish someone to which he responds by asking the show to remove him from captaincy if he is wrong. As Naina keeps on shouting at him, he screams back and asks her to lower her voice. She then replies by saying, “Awaaz meri aisi hi rahegi ye meri personality hai!”

Check out the promo: