Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan SPILLS beans on his relationship with Pavitra Punia, calls her ‘Annapurna’

Eijaz Khan, the lone warrior of the house, spills on his relationship with Pavitra Punia. He calls her his ‘Annapurna.’


The solitary fighter of the Bigg Boss 14, is out of the house to work on another show. Eijaz Khan admits that he faces extreme withdrawal symptoms. He says, ” I am missing the mic. I am overwhelmed and had a tough time processing everything, from car rides to meeting people outside. I miss the routine and simplicity of life in the Bigg Boss house. In the morning, I ask why there is no music and insist on making tea myself.” Short videos sent by fans keep him thrilled.

Further, he expresses his funda as, “Be simple, and, be real.” People are undoubtedly referring to his love story with Pavitra Punia. It was a pleasant surprise of the season. He says, “I never thought this would happen. My friends told me, ‘Eijaz, you are dumb, do not fall in love inside the house.’ My life never works as per plans. Pavitra is astounding and has a beautiful soul. This girl is my Annapurna. When she keeps my head on her lap, she feels at home. When she touches me, I feel calm.”

He adds that their mutual chemistry took him by surprise. People even accused the duo of creating fake content to go ahead on the show. “She was fighting with me outside, and then she cooked with an equal amount of passion. She kept on telling me to focus on the game. I was not sure if she was also feeling the same way as me. We had a conversation in the red zone. We discussed some things, and some were left unsaid. We have discussed them now with honesty and respect. I am enjoying every moment,” he says.

He has a precise stance on Devoleena Bhattacharjee’s role as his substitute. “It will take her a couple of weeks to understand everyone’s strategy. I do not expect miracles. The advantage that she has is that she has seen the show through and through. She is a seasoned player as well. I feel that her knowledge will balance out her lack of knowledge. I want my people to ensure that she does not get eliminated. I will raise the mantle as I get it,” he reinforces.

Fans are anxious about the actor and his game if he makes it to the top five. Considering the recent calculations, he might enter in the finale week or right before that. “It’s ok. I have faith in myself and my fans. When I go in, I will be all gun blazing. I want my fans to have complete faith in me,” he says.