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Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan opens up about his shoulder injury

Vikas Gupta and Eijaz khan talks about their shoulder injuries and how to recover from the pain.


In Bigg Boss 14, all the contestants have their own stories and injuries and how did they recover from those accidents. Recently, when Vikas Gupta complained of shoulder pain, Eijaz Khan reminisced the time when he had a shoulder injury and gave Vikas some tips and suggestions for a faster recovery.

In the Extra Masala clip, while exercising in the lawn area, Vikas told that his shoulder pain keeps coming back and he can’t sleep comfortably. Eijaz khan told that how sometimes not using your muscles can lead to this. He said that if a person lies on a hospital bed for 2 days, he can’t walk right because the muscles lose their memory.

Then, he shared a story of his shoulder accident and how it got dislocated two times, while he was shooting for a song, he sat on a chair and when he tried to stand by taking the support of his friend, he fell down and dislocated his shoulder again. In the physiotherapy, Eijaz got to know that his bone density was dying.


Further, Vikas and Eijaz discussed about other injuries and exercises. Eijaz also shared his exercise routine that helped him rebuild his hand slowly.