Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan REVEALS the Reason For Not Coming Back to BB House


Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan made an exit in the mid of the season for his pending shoot works. Then, Devoleena Bhattacharjee joined the show as his proxy. But when Eijaz finished his shooting works, he didn’t came back to the BB house. And when Devoleena Bhattacharjee got evicted, it was also the end of Eijaz’s journey in Bigg Boss 14. Now amid all the speculations, Eijaz has spoken to Entertainment Times and himself revealed the reason for not coming back to the show.

Eijaz Khan said emotionally, “There are different reasons why my journey inside the Bigg Boss house came to an end sooner than anyone expected. I really thought, with all humility, I deserved to be a Bigg Boss finalist! Just ask any one, they would see me as a finalist. I wanted to be the person who switch offs Bigg Boss’s light. My heart really broke when I couldn’t be one of the show finalists.”

Talking about the come-back in Bigg Boss house, Eijaz Khan said, “The makers of the show will always keep the show’s interest the highest priority. I finished off my work on February 6 and the makers knew about it. So even though, as much as I would have liked to be inside the house, I would still have to finish the quarantine period and then there would have been hardly any days left for the show to end.”

He added, “There were millions of supporters writing to me daily on social media to re-enter. Agar mere haath mein hota toh main darwaze ke aage tent laga ke baith jaata. I was feeling so disappointed. I am a producer’s actor and so I knew their dilemma. They had built my brand, from the Bigg Boss show’s perspective.”


Then, Eijaz Khan expressed his desire to visit BB house for once. He said, “Well, I hope so! I want to see everyone once, I want to meet Salman Khan bhai once, I would like to hug all the contestants once.”

Recently, Eijaz Khan left a dance reality show too because of his shoulder injury. When asked about in inconsistency in reality shows, he said, “I create my own luck and I write my destiny with my hard work. Everything I do is with 100 per cent dedication. Even while participating in Jhalak, I had an accident where my partner fell on my shoulder when I was lifting her, and the shoulder got dislocated and I had to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, the same injury resurfaced in the Buzzer Task inside the Bigg Boss house. The nature of the task was such that the inmates had to move my hand and in the process it got dislocated again, twice. If people realize, every time I used to walk, I would make faces, and that was because of the pain, though people used to make fun about that inside the house.”


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