Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan reveals that he couldn’t get angry on Pavitra Punia, says ‘uspe gussa aana bandh hogaya’

In a recent Extra Masala video, Eijaz Khan confesses that he loved Pavitra Punia’s company.

The Bigg Boss 14 house has seen many couples as its contestants. While some were already established, we saw love bloom between Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan in the house. Eijaz and Pavitra gave us lots of unforgettable moments this season. While Pavitra was evicted from the house, Eijaz is still in the game. In a recent Extra  Masala clip, Eijaz Khan tells Kashmera Shah that he misses Pavitra Punia.

As the clip begins, Eijaz is seen telling Kashmera that Pavitra used to talk about things of his interest. He continues saying that she is a tomboy and that is what he liked about her the most. Eijaz tells the other that Pavitra is different from him and that he likes things that are different. Kashmera who is seen doing her makeup, assures him that she is listening to him. Eijaz continues saying that he used to be shocked by the way Pavitra used to abuse but he liked it too.


The actor tells Kashmera about the moment when he told Pavitra that he would like her to meet his father. He says, “I think woh darr gayi thi tab.” He reminisces how Pavitra and Shardul Pandit reminded him that they were competitors. Later, he confesses to Kasmera and says, “Uspe gussa aana bandh hogaya.” He continues saying that he used only get angry on her when she went out of the limits. “Woh ek minute mein mujhe lagta tha, kyun gussa ho raha hu uske saath. Koi baat nahi theekh hai,” the actor adds.

Then talking about his journey, he says that the other contestants always misunderstood him. Kashmera agrees and says, “Nahi mujhe laga ki aapko kabhi kabhi  log poke karte the.” The video ends with Eijaz agreeing with her and saying that people only poke the stronger ones.