Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan praises Nikki Tamboli for her efforts to keep the house clean

In the latest Bigg Boss Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan is seen praising Nikki Tamboli for her efforts in keeping the house clean

Bigg Boss 14 viewers have seen the friendships in the house change with the introduction of new tasks each week. Fans of the show are not new to the housemates praising each other one moment and fighting within the next. In a recent Extra Masala clip, we see Eijaz Khan praising Nikki Tamboli for keeping the bathroom clean.

As the clip begins, we see Nikki and Eijaz in the bathroom area of the house. Nikki is heard telling the other about how she cleaned up the area before going to sleep the night before. Eijaz expresses his gratitude for doing the cleaning even if it wasn’t her duty and asked her whose duty it was. He tells her that someone in the house must not be doing their duty and later he doubts himself. Nikki giggles and tells him that he said the same thing once before. Both start laughing as they reminisce the incident where everyone blamed Eijaz who doubted himself too.


Nikki remembers blaming the actor to which he replies saying, “mere baare mein aise hi sochti hai na tu. kya karu mein.” Nikki tells Eijaz that she told Kavita Kaushik and Rahul Vaidya that a small issue raised in the house becomes a huge deal.

The video ends with Eijaz agreeing with her saying, “bolna padhta hai. nahi bolenge toh jao jail mein.