Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan is impressed by ‘one-take artist’ Rubina Dilaik

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan is impressed by Rubina Dilaik’s scene preparation and work ethics.

The Bigg Boss 14 house hosts lots of talents. With actors, singers and models, there always so much new to learn. In a new Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan is seen asking Rubina Dilaik about her scene preparations.

As the video begins, the two actors are seen lounging in the garden area. Eijaz asks Rubina about social media in general. Rubina quickly responds saying she likes to stay away from it. She says that she only goes on social media to distract herself or to post about her photoshoots. The actress tells Eijaz that she likes to stay away from anything that could result in addiction.


Eijaz tells her that he suddenly got anxious by thinking about newspapers. Rubina shares with the actor that she doesn’t let anything stay with her for a long time to avoid overthinking. Eijaz lets her know that purpose of books and newspapers. He adds, “Taki aap padhe aur apne samjh anusar usse samjhe.” The Chhoti Bahu actress tells him that she reads books and tries to express herself by writing. She adds that she doesn’t carry her mobile phone to her shoots. She says, “Mein aage ki story aur apni script padhti hu mein.

Eijaz asks her about her preparation before a scene. Rubina replies saying, “No prep. One take artist hu.” When Eijaz further asks her if she does not plan her scenes beforehand, the actress says that she has a strong visual memory. So she visualises when she is reading the script.

The video ends with an impressed Eijaz Khan telling Rubina Dilaik that he realized this technique quite late.