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Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan gives insight into Pavitra-Rahul fight, says, ‘They shouldn’t drag their fathers’

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Eijaz Khan in a latest video can be seen telling Nikki Tamboli his point of view on Rahul Vaidya’s fight with Pavitra Punia.


Bigg Boss 14 contestants have already started playing their game in their own ways. While some are showing their aggressive behaviour, others are trying their best to maintain their calm. The self proclaimed villain of the Bigg Boss 14 house, Pavitra Punia recently had a heated argument with Singer Rahul Vaidya.

In a Bigg Boss extra Masala video, Eijaz Khan is seen giving his insight into Pavitra and Rahul’s fight. He can be heard saying that the arguments made by the two were redundant. The actor expressed that pointing fingers and dragging each other’s fathers in the arguments was inappropriate. However, he also mentioned that such arguments show their true personalities. Nikki too, can be seen agreeing with Eijaz’s point of view.

He further tells Nikki that Rahul and Pavitra ended their argument on a hostile note and that their ego clashed. Pavitra has been seen saying, “main Pavitra Punia hoon(I am Pavitra Punia)” a number of times and it seems Eijaz doesn’t appreciate this attitude of hers. He says, “14 Season mein dedh hazaar baar ye dekh chuke hai(in these fourteen seasons, people have see this a thousand time).”


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Eijaz has been seen trying to keep his calm in the house and usually avoids unnecessary arguments. Seeing his game, one can understand that he is trying to analyze each contestant in the house and is waiting to play his cards.


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