Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan declares his love for Pavitra Punia; Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu get into an ugly fight

In the latest episode, viewers saw Eijaz Khan open about his true feelings for Pavitra Punia while Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu get into a nasty fight.

Bigg Boss 14 viewers are not new to the unexpected twists and turns in the show and Friday’s episode brought just that. The viewers saw Eijaz Khan trying to chase Pavitra Punia to hug her, Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu getting into a nasty fight when she claimed that Jaan was kissing her against her will and Eijaz telling Pavitra to concentrate on the game.

Aly Goni who recently became the captain of the house apologised to Nikki for his behaviour. Later Eijaz Khan who was chasing Pavitra Punia to hug her discussed his connection with the actress with Aly saying, “She was with me all the time last night (during the dance party). We were not together but she danced all night, looking straight into my eyes. I am just waiting to get out of this house. This is what I want.”

Meanwhile, Pavitra is seen telling Nikki, “I like you and I love you are different. I do not need that in life. I can sense the change in his behaviour. I touch him to tease, but his touch is all love, I can sense it but it is not something that I want.” Nikki shared that she treated Jaan as her friend but what he feels for her is completely different. She said that she doesn’t like boys like Jaan. Pavitra told Nikki that Jaan was clearly in love with her and that she should warn him before he crosses the line. Hearing this advice, Nikki goes and confronts Jaan saying that he should stop kissing on her cheeks as she doesn’t like it.

In another scene, Eijaz and Pavitra were discussing how he saw her in a different light and asked her if she is single. She told him about her fear of commitment saying, “I have lost a lot in the name of love but I can also not afford to cut my emotional connect with you.”

With the start of a new day, Bigg Boss unveiled the jail and asked everyone to chose two contestants to be punished and sent in jail. This started a series of fights between the housemates. Pavitra named Kavita Kaushik who in return named Pavitra. This started a fight between Kavita and Eijaz. Rahul Vaidya named Eijaz who named Abhinav. Jaan named Kavita but was shocked when Nikki named him. Aly also supported Nikki and named Jaan over what Nikki told him. This upset Jaan who felt angry and said, “She always reciprocates. Why the hell did she kiss on my neck and jacket?” He was also named by Rubina and Abhinav. In the end, Bigg Boss announced that they got it all wrong and that Aly had to choose between Jasmin, Rubina and Abhinav.

When Aly chose Abhinav and Rubina, Abhinav said that he will sit and eat and not speak. On the other hand, Jaan, Shardul and Pavitra discussed why Nikki was wrong, the actress said “That issue of the kiss was so wrong. That is a friendship bond and ease that you guys share. Now suddenly you are inclined towards another person and you start something like this? It is unfair, you keep hugging him easily and now suddenly, you have a problem.”

When she confronted Nikki alone,  Nikki responded saying that she never said Jaan’s intentions were wrong. She just didn’t like how people got emotional while kissing and said Jaan was that type of person. Jaan in another said that Nikki stooped low and has made it easier for him to break ties with her.

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