Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan and Abhinav Shukla decides to prank Nikki Tamboli

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan and Abhinav Shukla plan to prank Nikki Tamboli with a mannequin.

In Bigg Boss 14, every day is full of surprises, drama, arguments, fights and emotions. There are rare moments were all the housemates sit together, relax and fun with each other. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan and Abhinav Shukla plan to prank Nikki Tamboli.

The clip begins with Eijaz planning to haunt Nikki with wearing Rubina Dilaik‘s dress, a wig from the mannequin in the BB Mall, and walking with head down. Aly Goni gives an idea to run while wearing those things. Eijaz ditches that idea. Eijaz says that they should just stand in front of Nikki wearing the dress and wig and calling dangerously ‘Nikki coffee de, Nikki coffee de’. Eijaz imagines it and enjoys the moment.


Abhinav suggests another idea that they should hide in spa and he requires a thin nylon thread. If someone walks through that area they would get scared. Aly says that with toy parrots there were lot of nylon threads. Eijaz points out a artificial flower vase beside Abhinav. Shukla says those are very thick and they would get know easily.

Abhinav goes in serach for the thread. Jasmin Bhasin inquires what would he do with the nylon thread. Abhinav replies that he wants tie the thread with the bottle. So that they could pull up when someone shows up and it should makes noises. Eijaz gives an idea that they use strand from the wig. Abhinav dismiss his idea. Aly says that they would pluck few more strand sfrom the wig. Abhinav again dismisses his idea. Abhinav says he need long thread of nylon.

Eijaz starts searching for the thread. Another idea pops out of out Eijaz, he says that they should use the remove the face of the mannequin. He says that they should put the face on the Nikki’s bed. Rubina says that they should put the face inside the bathroom.

Aly adds to this and says they should put the mannequin under the blanket with only face visible. Abhinav gets excited and agrees with Aly. Eijaz says that around the face they should put coffee. Abhinav and Aly disagrees with him and says they should not waste coffee.

Later, Abhinav offers put makeup on the mannequin. Rubina disagrees with him. Abhinav calls Rubina ‘hired vaakil’.