Bigg Boss 14: Check out Rakhi Sawant and Toshi Sabri’s HILARIOUS CONVERSATION in English

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant and Toshi Sabri talks about those who always speak in English language.

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant has a hilarious conversation with Toshi Sabri where she tells him that she can dance in English. They also makes fun of those contestants who always speak in English.

Rakhi tells to Toshi, “I don’t know what audience is watching from the outside, but here we are engaged 24 hours. If someone tease us four times, then obviously we will react to them atleast for one time.” “100% right,” Toshi replies.


“I have seen from outside how contestants fight inside the house, that’s why I am telling you that it’s much similar to those who fights on the streets. Suppose I am driving a car and using my loud horns or I cart off my car somewhere, then for sure few intellects will come and start giving you lecture that can’t you see the road signals and please drive slowly. But I can’t response them in that lighter tone, I rudely reply them to leave the place ASAP!” Toshi adds.

Then Rakhi and Toshi discusses that they don’t know English and they can only fight in desi (local) style.

Toshi says, “I can speak in English, but I can’t fight in English.” Rakhi replies sarcastically, “I can speak English and I can also dance in English yaar.”