Bigg Boss 14: Celebrities and fans are in utter shock with Rahul Vaidya’s exit

Rahul Vaidya’s sudden exit from Bigg Boss 14 has left the fans and many celebrities in utter shock.

On the Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss, fans were heartbroken by Rahul Vaidya ordeal on why he doesn’t want to stay inside the house. He kept crying as he talked about being homesick and not having enough strength to continue the show. His eviction has shocked his fans along with his friend Aly Goni and other celebrities.

In the episode, Salman Khan asked Rahul to leave the show as he wasn’t motivated to be in a task and didn’t perform well. Salman pointed out his lack of enthusiasm and lack of interest towards the show.


Later, Salman asked Rahul to make a choice to leave the show voluntarily. Rahul accepts and explains his decision, that he has never stayed away from his family and friends for such long time. He even apologised to Salman Khan and the makers of the show.

However, his sudden exit left his fans and many celebrities in utter shock. They were disappointed with Rahul’s decision. Aly Goni, Shardul Pandit, Kamya Punjabi, and others expressed their disappointment on Twitter.