Bigg Boss 14: Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan & Rakhi Sawant to mainly be involved in next captaincy task, ‘Julie Ka Badla’

Here is the latest Captaincy Task Update!!

There is a new task introduced in the Bigg Boss house for the race of captaincy. This task was in the works for a long time and is introduced to the audience as well as the contestants this week. ‘Julie ka badla’ is the name of the task, which Vikas Gupta read it out to the contestants in the garden area this week.

The main plot of this task involves Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant. Rahul is a ‘zameendaar’ (landlord), and Rakhi Sawant is his first wife, who is dead, and the present wife is played by Jasmin Bhasin. The plotline is that Rahul is a rich zameendaar, who kills his first wife and buries her in the same ‘bangla’ (house) they stayed in. So, the task here is for the contestants to light a lamp, if they failed to do so, they have to go through the consequences of the same.


Julie’s soul has been wandering for a long time in the same place she was buried. On Every Buzzer, Julie will come. Rahul Mahajan killed his wife Julie, played by Rakhi, and buried her. Rahul Mahajan also has a second wife (Jasmin) who asks for gold from the guest. Rahul and Jasmin can send the guest outside the Bangla. if the outside Guest wants to come to the Bangla, they will have to give gold to Rakhi in return.
At Last, Contestants who have more Gold Coin will Become Captaincy Contender.

Let us all hope that the best person wins, and the whole ordeal doesn’t turn ugly for the contestants.