Bigg Boss 14: As Rahul Vaidya nominates Eijaz Khan, the two get into an UGLY verbal fight

In the promo video for tonight’s episode, Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan fight over the former nominating the actor

After Jaan Kumar Sanu’s eviction last night, Bigg Boss 14 has completed half of its journey. With the beginning of the new week, the atmosphere in the house is tense as the housemates will do anything to survive in the house. The nominations are back to pit the contestants against each other. The promo video for the tonight’s episode shows that the nominations are going to be fiery this time.

In the video, Rahul Vaidya nominates Eijaz Khan and as he walks out of the room, they both get into an ugly spat. Eijaz is angry with Rahul backstabbing him. He shouts at the singer, “You went back on your word.” Rahul defends himself and says, “Main dubunga to sabko leke dubunga.


Eijaz taunts Rahul saying that he has no special power. The singer states that the actor only thinks about himself.  Rahul expresses that Eijaz wanted to get saved in the nominations but didn’t think of him. Rahul further questions the actor, “What have you done for me that you expect me to favour you?” This makes Eijaz lose his cool and he vents his anguish against the singer. Rahul replies saying, “Faltu baate mat karo mujhse.

It is not just Eijaz and Rahul seems like other contestants will also be losing their cool during the nominations task.