Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan tells Vikas, ‘Mardo me saath nahi chalta isiliye aurat pe haath uthata hai’, he pushes her into pool

Vikas Gupta tells Arshi Khan that she has crossed all the boundaries and should apologize in front of everyone.

Mastermind Vikas Gupta who got evicted from the Bigg Boss house due to physical violence with Arshi Khan. Reportedly, Vikas pushed Arshi aggressively into the swimming pool, which led to his eviction from the house.

However, according to the recent promo for Bigg Boss 14, Vikas is done with Arshi’s nagging and unnecessary poking. Vikas informs her that there were certain boundaries that weren’t supposed to be crossed, Arshi did the exact thing. After that Vikas and Arshi get into a war of words. She adds, “Maine aapko itna aacha deal diya ki aap maafi maango,” to which Vikas roars at her that she will apologize to him in front of everyone and ‘tumhare abba batayenge ki tum kitni wahiyad ho.”


Aly Goni questions the need to apologize. Arshi replies that Vikas is not allowed to predict about votes and exits in front of her. Further, Rakhi Sawant intervenes, “Arshi unko torture karti hai.” Aly questions Arshi, “Aap jo unka taang karti ho unko aacha lagta hai?”

Further, they both yelled and threatened each other. Vikas gets close to Arshi and shouts at her face, and while leaving, he pushes her intentionally.

Later, Arshi gets physical by tightly holding his shirt. Vikas pulls his shirt from her grasp. Arshi removes her mic and drops it on the binbag claiming Vikas had hit her.

Meanwhile, Jasmin Bhasin confronts Vikas that does it affect his family in any way. Vikas says that it deeply affects his family and Arshi knows it and is trying to reveal it. Further, Arshi states that Vikas only fights with women and not men. Manu Punjabi tries to make her understand and she has crossed all the boundaries and has harassed him a lot.

She adds that if he would bring her father into the fight then she would bring his mother into their fights. This statement makes Vikas mad, he walks towards her while telling her that he respects her father but she doesn’t care and pushes her into the pool. All the housemates are shocked by Vikas’s sudden action.

Aly helped her out of the pool. While coming out, Arshi says, “I will not play.” Vikas replies to her, “Don’t play, neither I want to play, I’m done.”