Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan taunts Rakhi Sawant as the former says, “Inke paas dum nahi hai ladne ka”

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan tries to provoke Rakhi Sawant, to fight with Nikki Tamboli.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 , Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant get involve in some drama. Rakhi who claims to Rahul Mahajan’s friend, is taunted by Nikki. Rakhi claims that Nikki wants to snatch away Rahul from her. Nikki and Rakhi get funny spat which entertains the housemates and the audience. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan tries to provoke Rakhi, to fight with Nikki Tamboli.

In the clip, while discussing about Rakhi’s outbursts on Nikki, Arshi says to Rakhi, “Inke paas dum nahi hai ladne ka,” and can only fight with her and doesn’t have a will to fight with any other housemates. Eijaz Khan disagrees with her and says Rakhi will fight in the task. Arshi tells Eijaz that it was momentary outburst. Rakhi says, “Koi mudda toh ho toh ladi.” Eijaz cheers her up by saying, “Aap bilkul ladhengi.” Arshi laughs at Eijaz’s comment.


Further, Rakhi insists Eijaz on giving her ‘aashirvad.’ Instead of it, Eijaz takes Rakhi’s blessings. Rakhi compliments Eijaz’s gestures and says, “Aww jiju, aap mujhe aashirvad do mein aaj ladhu.” Eijaz replies, “Ladho, faad ke rakh dena, isliye aap aayi ho, thodi na khaana khane chai peene aayi ho.” Rakhi says that she is not here for that. Rakhi is just waiting for right moment to fight.

Arshi tells Rakhi, “Yaha par mudda milte nahi hai, mudda dhundha jaata hai iss ghar mein.” Further, Arshi and Eijaz tease Rakhi. Nikki enters saying what clothes she would wear and Rakhi says, “Mil Gaya mujhe mudda.” Arshi tells her, “Faad do faad do.”

Later, after staring at Nikki, Rakhi says that she would fight after Nikki decide what she would wear. Rakhi’s nautankis seem to never end which gives audience to watch the show.