Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan makes Vikas Gupta the new captain, ditches Rahul Vaidya

In the recent promo, Arshi Khan ditches Rahul Vaidya over Vikas Gupta in the captaincy task.

Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta have been loggerheads with each other since the day they have entered the show. Their fight took an ugly turn when Vikas pushed Arshi into the swimming pool and got evicted. Vikas’s re-entry startled Arshi. Since then, both of them make passing comments at each other.

In the recent promo of Bigg Boss 14, during the captaincy task, Vikas and Rahul Vaidya are seen fighting for the captain’s seat, and the decision-maker is none other than Arshi. She is the last contestant to go on a hot-air balloon and has the power to either support Vikas or Rahul.


Earlier, before the task, Arshi had promised to support Rahul for captaincy. Though, now according to the promo, Arshi reveals Vikas is more capable than Rahul and makes Vikas, the new captain of the house. Her statement leaves Rahul in shock. He further expresses his disappointment towards her. He blames Rubina Dilaik for brainwashing Arshi as she pushed Arshi to not to get influenced by anyone and adds that it is her chance to write-off her mistakes with Vikas.