Bigg Boss 14 promo: Arshi Khan is allowed to leave the house, Kashmera Shah thrown out!

The Bigg Boss house is full of surprises. It is the weekend and we all know each weekend one contestant bids adieu to the house.

This time it is Arshi Khan and Kashmera Shah on the line of fire. In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar promo we saw how Salman Khan blasts Arshi Khan for bringing up Vikas Gupta’s mother in their fight. Arshi is also told to leave the show by Salman and find another show for herself so that she can indulge in these cheap antics. In the promo one can also see how Arshi Khan gets miffed and walks towards the door after saying, “I am leaving the show.”


But hold on guys, it is not Arshi who will be out from the show this week.

Yes, you read it right. Well, according to our sources, we have come to know that not Arshi but Kashmera Shah will be shown the door and she will be evicted.

The source has also informed us that Bigg Boss did open the door for Arshi so that she could leave but turns out, the lady had a change of mind of sorts and chose to stay in the show.

Well, you see there is a lot of mi eyes being paid to every single person every week for staying in the house and therefore quitting the show and leaving the house will not be a very sensible decision to the clever ones.

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