Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan demands Rahul Mahajan to give her a diamond ring in exchange for his slipper

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan takes Rahul Mahajan’s slippers and demands a diamond ring as a gift to barter his slipper.

Rahul Mahajan is a hilarious entertainer, and the audience has seen that side of him during his season of Bigg Boss. Rahul has made bonds with the housemates and is entertaining them. His bond with Arshi Khan is quite entertaining. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi asks Rahul to give her a diamond ring as a gift to barter his slipper.

Previously, she had demanded a diamond ring worth Rs. 3 lac in exchange for washing his clothes. In the clip, Rahul request Arshi to return his slippers. Arshi asks him to give her his diamond ring. Rahul thinks about it, and instead of a diamond ring, he suggests giving her a shaving razor. Arshi stays firm on her decision. Rahul agrees with her and says he will hand her a diamond ring worth Rs. 50 to 100.


Frustrated with her, Rahul pleads her to give back his slippers. Arshi says she return it when Rahul gives her a diamond ring. Arshi shouts and says, “Never, ever.” Further, Rahul requests Manu Punjabi to talk to her, but he soon realises that she doesn’t speak to him. Rahul tells Eijaz Khan and says she will listen to him.

Arshi still stays firm and demands a diamond ring. Manu comments that it’s been only three days, and she is not talking to him. Eijaz says that the slipper is the same worth as a diamond ring. Abhinav Shukla laughs at Eijaz’s comment. Later, Arshi threatens and assures him to throw Rahul’s slipper outside the house while Rahul and Manu discuss Arshi’s behavior.