Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan, Aly Goni and Eijaz Khan call Rakhi Sawant as “DOUBLE DHOLKI”

Arshi Khan, Aly Goni and Eijaz Khan call Rakhi Sawant as “DOUBLE DHOLKI”, Rakhi looses her cool and says “I am not someone’s puppet”

After the entry in Bigg Boss 14 house we witnessed clashes between Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant. Now they have been bonding really well in the show.
Recently, Arshi’s comments upset Rakhi who later blasted the former.

During the latest episode, Arshi Khan, Eijaz and Aly Goni told Rakhi that she is like Nikki Tamboli. They told her that there are rumours that even Rakhi is a ‘double dholki’. Rakhi replies to Aly saying, “Wow, that’s so nice!”.


Eijaz Khan also joins Aly and Arshi and agrees with them and says the majority also agree to the same.

Then, Rakhi blows up and taunts that she can’t control anyone’s thinking especially the people who have no brains. She further adds that she will act according to her own will as she is not anyone’s puppet or girlfriend.

Aly Goni jumps in and asks Rakhi, “Are you not my friend?”, to which she replied, “Of course I am.”.

Rakhi doesn’t forget the conversation and discusses it with Rahul Mahajan, Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. She tells them that she has been named as ‘Double dholki’ by Aly, Arshi and Eijaz. Rubina advises her to not listen to anyone as they think that even she is arrogant, rude and authoritative.

Rakhi lashes out at Arshi saying that before pointing fingers at her, they should look at themselves.

Later, Nikki joins Rakhi and supports her and tries to calm her down saying that all these things were told about her too.

When Aly Goni comes out, Arshi Khan tries to initiate a fight and says that Rakhi took Aly and her name and told everyone that they were calling her double dholki. Rakhi fumes at Arshi and calls her “Jhoothi and macchis” who is purposely adding fuel to a fire.
Rakhi continues to irritate Arshi as she calls her macchis.

Rakhi gets angry and says that suddenly people are against her just because she has ended her fight with Nikki Tamboli and they are friends now. She even says that she is not like Arshi Khan, as she is not interested in making bonds here, she is just playing her game.
At last, Rakhi asks everyone whether being neutral and not believing in groupism is a crime or not.