Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan alludes to Vikas Gupta’s sexual orientation, says ‘Vikas Khud Dene Aayenge’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Arshi Khan pokes fun at Vikas Gupta and tries to irritate him. Eijaz Khan joins her.

Ever since Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta have entered the Bigg Boss house, they have been into a war of words. Arshi has been picking up fights with Vikas for no reason and has been poking him again and again. During the task, she was irritating him and poking him. Bigg Boss had even warned her about her behavior.

Earlier this week, Arshi kept teasing him that he could open the ‘Vikas Paratha Center.’ She added that all the celebrities would come to eat the parathas handmade by Vikas Gupta, and there would ‘no entry’ board for her. In the recent Extra Masala clip, Eijaz Khan joins Arshi as they talk about the paratha center. She further tries to make fun of Vikas and irritates him.


In the clip, Arshi chants different types of parathas in ‘Vikas Paratha Center’ and says, “Vikas Gupta khud aayenge aapko dene.” Vikas looks up and seems to least interested. Eijaz says that he wants Vikas to say the chant it aloud, and it’s not derogatory. Vikas responds, “I know it’s not derogatory, but unke saath maine agar ek baar bol diya toh, uska matlab mujhe bada mazza aa raha hai toh voh uske baad kisi bhi level pe jaayegi.”

Eijaz comments that she is his friend. Vikas denies it and says that she is not his friend. Arshi yells, “Mera bhi dost nhi hai tu, you are not my friend.” Eijaz tries to sort out between them. Arshi mutters to compliment her. Eijaz starts with, “Uska dil bhi saaf hai, isliye expectation hai, isliye bura lagta hai, isliye bol rahi hai.” Vikas says that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and he doesn’t have any expectations from anyone.

Eijaz tries to be a mediator and asks them, “Kitne saal ki dosti hai?” Arshi ignores him and says that she would get finances to open ‘Vikas Paratha Center.’ Eijaz comments that they should open different franchises. Eijaz and Arshi start their chants and laughs. They look at Vikas, whose trying to hide his face as he’s laughing with his head down. Eijaz says that he is laughing.

Out of nowhere, Arshi says, “Yeh kehta hai ki Bigg Boss mere against action nahi lete hain.” Arshi tells him that the day Bigg Boss takes against her, “the BP high ho jaayega.”