Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni’s childhood friend postpones his wedding reception date as the show gets extended 

Aly Goni’s childhood friend Dr. Ishan Ahmed postponed his wedding reception as Bigg Boss 14 got extended and wanted his bestfriend to attend his wedding.

Aly Goni is surely missing a lot of happy moments happening outside Bigg Boss house, as he is stuck with his promised work. As we all know last week Aly Goni’s sister gave birth to a beautiful girl. Aly was informed about this by Bigg Boss, his reaction was captured on the camera where he was seen getting emotional after hearing the news. These were definitely joyful tears as he has become a ‘mamu’ now.

Further Aly’s childhood friend Dr Ishan Ahmed had his marriage scheduled for this January. But Aly wasn’t available to attend his wedding. Due to which Ishan postponed the wedding to February. After the eviction of Jasmin Bhasin, Ishan spoke to her in which she told him that the show might get extended till the later half of February. 

During an interview Dr Ishan Ahmed told the media, “Yes, he was aware of the dates and we’ve been planning for this day for a long time. He assured me that the show would end in January so we decided the dates for February.” However, the makers had other plans. Ahmed further said, “But when Jasmin (Bhasin) got evicted she told me that the show finale will be on 21st Feb. I was disheartened as we had planned so much and he had assured that he’ll be here for all the events of the wedding. So now I have postponed my reception from 21st to 24th of February so that Aly can be a part of it.” 

Moreover, Ishan said he is waiting to see Aly Goni’s reaction on seeing Ilham’s new born daughter, Daneen. Dr Ishan Ahmed said, “I am waiting for him but he better come out as the winner because he’s missing on a lot. He’ll be elated when he comes to know that he has become mamu of a beautiful angel because he was waiting for this day.”

Apparently, Bigg Boss 14 finale is scheduled on 21st February.

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