Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni talks passionately about dogs

Aly Goni has a chat with Jaan Kumar Sanu about the different breeds of dogs that his relatives and friends have.

They say, dogs are a man’s best friend, and Aly Goni‘s love for dogs is clearly visible by how passionately he talks about them. In an Extra Masala video of Bigg Boss 14, Jaan Kumar Sanu and Aly Goni indulge in a candid conversation about dogs. The episode opens with Aly and Jaan sitting in the garden area and talking about “Chow- Chow”.

Well, for those who are not aware Chow Chow is a a breed of dog, originally from Northern China. The chow chow is a sturdy dog with a steady built, broad and triangular face structure, erect ears and rounded tips. The breed is known for its thick coat. Jaan mentions that Abu Uncle (Abu Malik) owns a chow chow himself. He further adds that the music composer has pampered his dog so much that the dog never leaves the air conditioned room.


Aly too shared that his friend owns a pair of Chow Chow’s who are very playful and active. Later, Jaan adds that another of his friend owns a St. Bernard, which is another dog breed from the Western Alps, in Italy or Switzerland. Jaan shares, that the dog weighs around 90-96 kgs and whenever, he visits his friends place, the dog comes and sits on his chest.

Rahul Vaidya on seeing Aly’s enthusiasm for dogs asks him if he has ever owned dogs. He says, “Mere paas ek lab tha, aur ek boxer tha”( I had a Labrador and a boxer breed of dog). Labradors are very affectionate dogs. They are originally a breed from the United Kingdom. While the boxers are medium, short haired breed of dog, originally developed in Germany.