Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni shares that he used to memorize mathematics

Aly Goni talks about his favorite subject, Mathematics and discloses that he used to score full marks in the subject.

Bigg Boss brings in people from all walks of life, and this season, Bigg Boss 14 has certainly got people who have varied set of interests. They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but who knew that Aly Goni being tha notorious self would be so good in a subject to be able to score full marks in it. During one such Unseen Undekha episode of Bigg Boss 14, Aly Goni quizzes his housemates, asking them about which subject would he be best at, according to him.

To which Jasmin promptly replies that it could only be in physical education, that he is capable of scoring full marks. Aly refutes her claims and asks her to think harder. Just then, somebody prompts from the background saying that it could be hindi. Aly refutes that too. Abhinav who was also sitting there, gave a shot at answering his question and guessed that it could be “History-wistory types” ( History). Aly again refutes his claims and nodded his head in disagreement.


Jasmin, who knows her BFF well, suggests that he used to get full marks in all of his subjects. Since he cheated in all his exams. Aly again nods his head in disagreement. The ‘Yeh hai Mohabbatein’ actor then shares that during his board exams, he had scored a full hundred in one of his paper. Jaan interrupted in between and suggested that it must have been by mistake that he score a hundred. He continues, “Maths. Haan, hundred out of hundred aaye aur baki sab me thirty-four, thirty-five, aise aaye” ( Maths. I score hundred out of hundred in maths and in rest of the subjects I scored thirty- four, thirty-five.’)

The contestants were shocked to hear that, as they had never thought that a person like Aly would ever be good at maths. He then shared that his tuition teacher used to stay with him for two days before his maths exam and they used to sit and memorize all the techniques of solving a sum. He further adds that they used to practice day an night fir maths and by the time he had to appear for his exams, he knew exactly how to solve those sums.