Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni says, ‘Sab todd dunga, jo ukhadna hei ukhad lo’ as he tries to break glass doors

In a recent promo of Bigg Boss 14, Aly Goni was seen losing his temper as he says that he will break everything in the house of Bigg Boss one by one.

Bigg Boss 14 has been buzzing with controversies, conflicts and arguments. However, the show also seems to be getting filled with emotional outbreaks as in the recent promo, Aly Goni was seen getting angry because of unknown reasons as he gave a warning that he will break each and everything in the house of Bigg Boss one by one. Aly entered the house on 4th November as a wild card entry and has been living in an area which has been separated from the living area of the main house by several glass doors.

In the promo, we can see Salman Khan, the host, making an announcement which is followed by revealing another part of the house. Bigg Boss announces that the journey from here onwards will be tougher than before. He announces that the participants will have to present themselves in front of ‘BB Ki Adaalat’ with the judge being Choreographer Farah Khan. Nevertheless, this is followed by Aly getting frustrated as he starts banging on the glass doors which act as the separation between his room and the living area of the house. He starts by saying that he will not wear his mic neither will he eat food.


Aly was getting frustrated by being in quarantine in that room as he says, “Mei yaha show karne aaya hu, band hone nahi. This is what they want.” He was further trying to forcibly open the door as Jasmin Bhasin and Kavita Kaushik tries to stop him from doing so. Aly then says, “ I swear main tod dunga ek-ek cheez yahaan pe abhi. Jo ukhaadna hai ukhaadne de

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