Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni says he would TEAR UP letters from his family if they came up as Christmas gifts

Aly Goni makes an emotional confession that he prefers to sit with Eijaz Khan whenever he is alone.

It seems like it is still very festive in the Bigg Boss house except for the fights. Rakhi Sawant is seen being thankful to Santa Claus for all the happiness. To which Aly Goni says, “Humari toh nahi aayi.” Rakhi keeps talking that she is happy for herself. While Aly says that it’s a good thing that letters didn’t arrive from his house, otherwise he would have teared up badly, to which Jasmin keeps listening.

Aly Goni goes on to describe the letters that Eijaz got from his family, and how emotional it was. He continues by telling everyone that reading those letters tore him a bit and that he confessed to Eijaz Khan that even if they fight, he’ll still come to sit next to him if he’s feeling blue. The camera pans out from Aly to Rakhi, and the group is seen telling Rakhi to wear an Indian outfit and wear a bindi.


The festive season is bringing old memories and tales from the contestants’ life. let’s see what else comes up in the remaining days.