Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni says he hasn’t used his cell phone for 25 days now, Eijaz Khan says mobiles are dog collars

In a recent Extra Masala clip, contestants talk about their lives without the phones.

In Bigg Boss 14 house, contestants have been living away from their families for almost two months now. With a completely different lifestyle inside the house, they often reminisce of things they could do in their normal lives. One such thing that everyone misses is their mobile phones.  In a recent Extra Masala clip, housemates talk about their mobile phones.

As the video begins Aly Goni shares that it must be first time in his life where he hasn’t used his phone for over 25 days. Rubina Dilaik adds in saying that she hasn’t touched her phone in over two months. Aly says that he has never done anything like this before. Rahul Vaidya then asks everyone if anyone has done this before. Aly adds that when he travels, he always looks for Wi-Fi first.


Abhinav Shukla then is heard saying that he has once not used his phone for 45 days. Aly replies saying, “Bhai aap toh alag hi ho. aap jaate ho aise jagaho pe jaha network hi na ho.” He jokes and adds that he is stranded in such places for 2-3 days. Rubina says that even she is not addicted to her phone. Jasmin who is seen getting ready says that she never was reminded of her phone in the house.

Eijaz Khan calls the mobile phones “a dog collar” as it will drag you towards something you don’t want to listen. The video ends with Aly saying that he enjoys using his phone.