Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni reveals Top 3 things in his bucket list

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni reveals what wishes to do in future.

In Bigg Boss, housemates fights and argue in everyday but they also make fun and entertain each other. In similar situation, in a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni talks about his bucket list with Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bhasin

The clip begins with Rahul telling Jasmin that he and Aly had a very nice talk. He says that they always discuss about love, their moms and what they want from life. Jasmin eagerly ask questions about their little talk. Rahul replies to her that they were just asking each other some questions and they had a good talk.


Aly replies that Rahul questioned him 3 things he wants to do in the next 3 years. Jasmin gets curious. Aly starts with first doing good roles in movies as well as in television. Secondly, he wants to take his parents to Haj. Aly stops midway without revealing the third thing from the list, and Jasmin eagerly inquires about it. Rahul sarcastically says that he wants make food with love for friends and family. Aly laughs at his comment and says that Jasmin is eagerly waiting for him to continue. Lastly, he reveals his third and final thing he wants is to get settled.

Further, Jasmin inquires, “Kaise type ka settlement.” Replying to her, he says that he and Rahul discussed what type of settlement he wants. Jasmin is all ears. Aly doesn’t comment about it.

At the end of the clip, Aly says, “Aacha lagta hai ki jab Jasmin mere aas paas hoti hai, aur mujhe sukuun milta hai.”