Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni puts on Rakhi Sawant’s costume

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Aly Goni puts on Rakhi Sawant’s duck helmet and strikes some hilarious poses.

The contestants in the Bigg Boss house are taking a break in between the task for some fun and games. Rakhi Sawant is playing ‘JULIE’ the forgotten ghost and seems a little bit tired in the Extra Masala clip. Aly Goni on the other hand is enthusiastic and is seen having fun all by himself.

The clip starts with Aly trying on Rakhi’s duck costume. Jasmin interrupts him by saying, “Arey, mat pehen. Tera bhi naak tut jaayega.” Aly totally dismisses her and continues wearing the costume. Later, Aly is seen walking in a hilarious manner, and doing some air bending with his hands, just like the Airbender did in Avatar.


Rahul Vaidya enters the scene and joins Aly Goni in his silliness. The former hit Aly on the costume head with a bottle. They both entwine in a silly bender, and then Rahul leaves the room.

Aly approaches Rakhi with the costume on. Rakhi is seen telling Aly, “Meri mundi rakh.” to which Aly replies, “Yeh kali ho gyi hai, mujhpe acchi lag rhi hai.” and starts to show off his muscles to no one in particular. Aly removes the costume and says, “Dum ghuth gaya isme.” and keeps the costume next to Rakhi.