Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni motivates Jasmin Bhasin, while the latter was stuck inside the box

Aly Goni sits by Jasmin Bhasin’s box and provides emotional support to her as she talks about how hard it is being enclosed in a tight space.

Bigg Boss 14 being in its seventh week is throwing tough challenges at the contestants. With every passing week, the contestants have to make themselves even more sturdy to be able to face the upcoming challenges. In one such Extra Masala episode of Bigg Boss 14, Kavita Kaushik and Jasmin Bhasin was contending with each other by sitting inside the box for 24 hours, until Bigg Boss had to dissolve the task.

During that task, Aly Goni comes and sits near Jasmin’s box to motivate her and boost her morals. Jasmin then shares her experience from being inside the box. She shares, “Kaise insaan khulaaa..hum kaise khule azad me rehne wale log haina?..But jab waqt ata ha, tab insaan kaise adapt kar leta ha” (How quickly we adapt to our surroundings so easily)


Further Jasmin shares that everyone in the house is selfish, and when time comes they back stab you. Nobody in the BB house truly cares about you, since all that they care about is only themselves. Aly then shares that had it not been this box task, then even he would have stayed for long. But since he is claustrophobic, he couldn’t stay there for long. To which Jasmin said that whenever he can’t, she would always be there to represent him.