Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni & Jasmin Bhasin are the heart and soul of the show feels duo’s close friend Pankaj Bhalla

Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin are the heart and soul of the show feels duo’s close friend Pankaj Bhalla. He talks about his relationship with them.

Inside Bigg Boss house, best friends Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin have been stealing the show. Since the time Aly re-entered the show, there have been a lot of rumours about their relationship. We have spoken to Pankaj Bhalla – a close friend of Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni.

Speaking about their special bonding, he says, “The chemistry between Aly and Jasmin is so good that they might come across as lovers to a lot of viewers. But they are best friends who admire , love and support each other. And their unconditional support to each other in the show is something which I look forward to.”


Do you feel first the entry of Aly and then his reentry has really changed Jasmin’s approach in the game? “I feel that Jasmin is a great player with or without Aly because she was doing well before Aly and she’s doing well even after Aly has entered. I also believe the TRP has certainly increased after Aly’s entry. Infact Aly and Jasmine are the heart and soul of the show. Aly is that energy which has refreshed the show , brought more competetion and he’s the best wildcard this show could have had.” Pankaj also shares his take on the Monday nomination where Aly has nominated Eijaz Khan. He adds, “Eijaz threatened a fellow contestant behind her back several times which was in bad taste and he deserved to be nominated. In fact he deserves to be eliminated. I believe Aly restriced himself while expressing to maintain the decorum of the show.”

Pankaj who knows Jasmin for 10 years now has a strong support for her. “Jasmin is the Clear Winner of the Show. She is cute in the show, speaks from her heart, always put her opinion forward and is a warrior when it comes to the task. Jasmin Bhasin should lift the trophy. And if a Wildcard can win the show, there’s no doubt after Jasmin , Aly is the contender because he’s perfect for the format.”

Pankaj who has been busy with his professional work commitments is going up and down from Mumbai to Delhi, but he takes time out everyday to watch Bigg Boss. Pankaj says, “I never thought I would be so involved in the social media with this show. But as and when things progressed I felt the necessity to be involved. I believed I could fill the gap between fans,fan-clubs and the Social Media Pr. I am still trying to be better and I love the interaction with Jasmin’s fans they are amazing. I love Jasmin and I hope the best for her.”